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Basic Functions

Cut-off timer feature

This timer will be shown in your Dashboard after you make your first Deposit. It requires you to Withdraw or Compound your Daily Reward every 72 hours. If you don't do this your Daily Reward will stop accumulating
This feature stimulates our users to spend their earnings regularly, stops 'whales' from accumulating large amounts and, therefore, prevents rapid withdrawals that could hit the project balance too hard


This is the first function you will use. Choose the amount you wish to Deposit and press the button. You will have to confirm two different transactions: one Approval (to let the contract use your USDT) and one Deposit (to send your funds)
When everything is finished you will become a TrueFund user, and your Dashboard will reflect all the parameters of your account
You can use Deposit function multiple times: your Deposited Amount will add up, and your Daily Reward will rise accordingly
Note: all your accumulated rewards will automatically be Compounded every time you make a new Deposit


Use this function to withdraw all the accumulated rewards (Daily Reward, Referral Reward, Lottery Prize) directly to your wallet. This is the simpliest, yet the least profitable Earning Strategy
You can use this function as often as you wish, and every time you will receive a fraction of your Daily Reward. We recommend you use this function once or twice a day


Use this function to consume all your rewards and increase your Deposited Amount. This process is similar to Withdraw-and-Deposit but easier, quicker and requires less gas from your wallet
Compounding is a great way to accumulate more funds in your account and significantly increase your Daily Reward. Please check the "Strategies" section to see more examples of compounding