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TrueFund is a smart-contract-based ROI DApp that will help you to multiply your Investments

Sounds complicated, but let's see what it means:
Smart Contract is a special program stored on a Blockchain. The main difference between Smart Contracts and ordinary programs is decentralization: Smart Contracts are decentralized and, once deployed, can't be altered, shut down or manipulated by their creator or anyone else. That means you can trust it with your funds and be sure that everything is working precisely as promised. Our Smart Contract is open-source, so you can check its code and make sure there are no shady functions or unfair logic behind it
ROI stands for "Return On Investment": you invest any amount into TrueFund and start earning 2.5% of this amount every day. Your funds gradually return to you, and after several days when your Initial Investment is fully returned, you start making profits. The period or making profits is unlimited: you can double or triple your Initial Investment by claiming your 2.5% Daily Reward. It is pretty similar to how ordinary banks work but smarter, fair and generous
DApp means "Decentralized Application": as we mentioned before, the core of our project is a Smart Contract that implements all the financial logic and securely stores your funds and data. The other parts of our project (like Website or Telegram Community) provide a visual interface and communications. This approach guarantees safety and reliability for every user

Brief project overview

Here is a short list of main parameters for experienced users:
  • Currency: Tether (USDT at Binance Smart Chain)
  • Minimal investment is 1 USDT
  • Daily Reward 2.5%
  • 72-hour Cut-Off timer as an Anti-Whale protection
  • No time locks: you start earning immediately
  • No plan limitations: deposit once and keep earning as long as you wish
  • Referral System: 3% / 2% / 1% of your Referral's deposit amount
  • Security Audit: check the detailed analysis here
Don't worry if something seems unfamiliar to you, we will explain all the mechanics in detail in the following chapters. Please feel free to join our Telegram Chat to ask any question, we will be glad to help you!
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