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Lottery is your chance to win a great Prize! Every TrueFund user can buy several tickets to participate
Your win chance depends on the amount of tickets you own. Let's say the Ticket price is 2.5 USDT. Alice buys 10 Tickets for 25 USDT and Bob buys 40 Tickets for 100 USDT. The win chance is 20% for Alice and 80% for Bob
The Winner gets 80% of Lottery's Bank (which in our case is 25 + 100 = 125 USDT) so the Winner Prize is 100 USDT
The rest 20% of the Lottery Bank goes to the contract balance and acts as a source of External Revenue for the Project
When the Lottery ends a new round starts automatically. Parameters may vary from round to round (percentages, max participants count etc)
Keep an eye on our Official Channel for further info!