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Referral System

Another decent way to increase your Passive Income is to use our Referral System. It has 3 levels of hierarchy: 3% / 2% / 1%
If you invite someone to our Project and they make a Deposit - you instantly get a Referral Reward equal to 3% of their Deposit. If they invite more people - you also get a Reward equal to 2% of Deposits. For third-level Deposits you receive 1% Rewards
Like other types of Earnings, your Referral Reward is accumulated on your account and can be Withdrawn or Compounded any time

Best Leaders

Referral Rewards received from inviting new users (it should be their first deposit!) increase your Leader Score. Every week, the top three participants of the 'Best Leaders' ranking receive a special prize
The prize amount depends on your place in 'Best Leaders' and your total Score for this week
Top-1: 50% of your current Score
Top-2: 25% of your current Score
Top-3: 10% of your current Score
Alice invited several new users to the Project. They invested 2000 USDT in total and Alice received 3% of their Deposits. Since all of them were new to the Project, Alice's Score increased by 60 USDT
Then Bob invited more people and increased his Score to 300 USDT
Charlie was not that good during this week and his Score was only 30 USDT
The week ends and they get their Leader prize accordingly:
[TOP-1] Bob: 50% of 300 USDT = 150 USDT
[TOP-2] Alice: 25% of 60 USDT = 15 USDT
[TOP-3] Charlie: 10% of 30 USDT = 3 USDT